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About Us

...discovery & action towards a just & sustainable community...

We are based in Boca Raton, Florida. Our community is first Palm Beach County and in ever widening circles the planet. We care particularly about homelessness, the protection and empowerment of women (and children), racial reconciliation, interfaith involvement, working for rational public policy, and community development. We show up under several names, including SaveDarfurSPB, Network of Spiritual Progressives of Palm Beach County, Family Promise, and we are active with several faith communities in matters of social justice. You can learn more about us at

Here are some of the places where we are at work.

  1. Family Promise of South Palm Beach County (Florida)
  2. Bondeau, Haiti
  3. Marafiki Orphanage (Nairobi)
  4. The Women's House of Peace (Kharbatha Al Harthia, a district of the city of Ramallah, the West Bank)
  5. The Elite's Program (tutoring Ethiopian-Israeli students in Kiryat Malachi, Lod, Ulpanat Dolev, and Bat Yam, Israel)

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These are the "conveners" of this attempt to nourish our small part of the Beloved Community which stems from Boca Raton, Florida and includes some people faraway. We have no formal membership, or dues, or board, or officers. These are simply the people who help keep us on track.

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