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An Evening of Ethiopian Jewish Culture

April 1, 2006, St. Gregory's Episcopal Church, An Evening of Ethiopian Jewish Culture, Bahalachin.

Apr 1,'06 (Sat) 7:00 pm. — An Evening of Ethiopian Jewish Culture, Bahalachin  —  map to St. Gregory's Episcopal Church

The traditions and culture of Ethiopian Jews are 3000 years old, but the desire to return to Israel has never been lost. In modern times, that desire has been increased greatly by war and oppression. Now there are more than 100,000 Ethiopian Jews back in Israel struggling to integrate their agricultural society into modern Israel. Bahalachin is an organization centered in Tel Aviv and dedicated to preserving the culture and traditions of Ethiopian Jews settling in Israel. They have visited South Florida several times and will return again soon. If you'd like to be informed of their next visit, click on "e-mail" on this page and send us a message.

Visit the Bahalachin website to learn much more. It begins in Hebrew, but you can select English if you wish.

An Evening of Ethiopian Jewish Culture 4/ 1/06BahalachinSt. Gregory's Episcopal Church
Introducing Bahalachin   
Help on the way for Ethiopian Jews in Israel   
Ethiopian Jews settling in Israel   
Migration and Assimilation of Ethiopian Jews   
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