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Marafiki Biking

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Rev. Dr. John Nganga announced on October 2, 2009 that he will raise $1 million for the orphanage he has founded in Kenya for orphans whose parents have died of AIDS by riding his bicycle from Fort Lauderdale to Columbus, Ohio. This webpage is intended to help us get started in making sure this effort is successful. (updated 4/15/13 16:23)

Proposed Name

Marafiki Biking (Marafiki means "friends", this name is short & fits both T-shirt & domain name, emphasizes the fellowship of our project, sounds like a club that could last forever, could be a biking club at the Rafiki Academy when it is completed, it can have a chapter in Boca/Deerfield/Delray right now.)


The main source of information for this organization is . Marafiki Biking is seen as a two year fundraising effort in support of it's ministry: "Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry, Inc.". In order to reach as many people as possible, and to use well the "hook" of bicycling, we propose a distinct marketing effort around the fundraising campaign. Marafiki Biking has a Facebook page and will use other avenues as well to maximize our reach.

We are fortunate that a documentary film has just been completed on the very problem we are addressing: Flying Kites Global. To see a portion of the film, click on "Media Library", then "Videos", then "Dear Professor Curtis". We are hoping to obtain a DVD of the film for easy and frequent showing to teach and inspire people about the problem.

Since our effort will involve a very large number of people, we may want a website that is highly interactive, like a blog. It might have its own domain, like "".

Statement of the Problem

We need to have some standard brief text that describes the problem. Here's a start, let's improve it:
AIDS is a terrible problem, especially in Africa. 33.5 million people on the planet have AIDS and 2.5 million die every year. A quarter of them are in Africa. In come countries 20% of adults have AIDS. Fr. John Nganga is a man who grew up in Kenya, became an Anglican priest, was heartsick on encountering AIDS victims nearing death, thought about the horror of their children becoming orphans with no support. What happens to those orphans ? They don't have a Department of Children and Families to take them in. Those orphans live on the streets coping in whatever ways they can. Thinking about how they cope it is obvious that many will soon have AIDS. Fr. John created an orphanage in 1998 for as many of these children as he could help. Along the way he came to America to further his education and discovered he could support his orphanage better from here than from there. So now he's a priest here, raising money as best he can for his orphanage, and depending on others to run the orphanage. In the past few days he has announced that he will ride his bicycle from Ft. Lauderdale to Columbus, Ohio (home of his prior church) to raise $1 million for his orphanage. He is asking 10,000 friends to donate a bag of Cement each @ $100.00 and 10,000 kids worldwide to donate $10.00 each for this effort. You are welcome to come and bike with him. Please visit our website at . The Rafiki Academy will be dedicated on August 11, 2012. God willing. "Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God."

Marketing Aids

What are the basic tools we can give people or mail to people to invite them to help ? Click here to see a six page Rafiki Update - June, 2009 . Maybe a "Marafiki Biking" T-shirt should get high priority. Clearly its coloring and graphic style must be African. What will it cost each recipient ? Who can best design it ? That should be a very cool T-shirt and I'll be very happy wearing it.


Are there some people who've done something like this who we can bring in as coaches ?

The Route

Let's lay out the trip and start figuring out who our friends are along that route. As we identify "Coordinators" they can begin figuring out who in that city might be our partners and friends.
City of CelebrationMileageArrivalDepartureCoordinatorStatusGoal
Ft Lauderdale FL      
Jacksonville FL       
Savannah GA       
Columbia SC       
Charlotte WV       
Wythville WV       
Beckley WV       
Charleston WV       
Pleasant OH       
Athens OH       
Logan OH       
Columbus OH       
It will be a total of 1136 miles. At 70 miles per day we can make it in about 17 days. At 6 hours per day of riding and 12 miles per hour we'll make 72 miles per day. The mountain areas may slow us down to about 50 miles per day.


For the moment, we're calling all those bike clubs, biking groups and faith communities who will support Fr. John along the way "Partners". We can start inviting them now. What is the marketing effort by which we do that ?

Next Steps

Fr. John proposes we meet soon to begin this work. Click on "E-Mail" on this page to send us a message, or contact Fr. John or Carl in whatever way is best. We'd love to hear your suggestions on how to improve this "getting started" document. (If you see errors or broken links, for goodness sake please tell us.) Do we need a way to collaborate with "shared documents" on the web ? Who can help manage that and/or our proposed blog ? Trudy Ellen is skilled in use of Word-Press and has offered to help. Should that get a high priority ?

Goals for 2010-2015

  1. continue with the development of the Rafiki Children’s Center in Kenya
  2. continue with the development of the street children ministry
  3. Dr. Terry & Barbara Upendo medical clinic
  4. evangelism & music extravaganza – (ongoing)
  5. Bishop Njuguna chapel - 2013-2015
  6. Rafiki guest house 2013-2015
  7. Rafiki market place - 2012
  8. Rafiki farm expansion project – 15 acres – 2009-2010
  9. Rafiki sports complex - 2015

Other On-Going Events

  1. annual mission trips to Kenya – Vitema tours – Joram Kamau
  2. golf tournaments
  3. annual dinners in the USA
  4. Rafiki annual walkathon in Kenya - September
  5. Rafiki annual Christmas dinner at the center – December
  6. Marafiki annual brainstorm meeting in Florida – Martin Luther weekend & Marafiki board meetings in Ohio

Ultimate Dream

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