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Pearl City Community Reunion 2007

Jul 8,'07 (Sun) 1:30 pm. — Pearl City Community Reunion 2007  —  HghsPrk07 Here are some things I learned in asking questions after our Wednesday evening meeting led by John Martin III (6/13/07).

Marjorie O'Sullivan has already contacted the History Department at FAU (Dr. Sandra Norman) and they are considering how they might help us do Oral History interviews and to help in other ways. It is important that we have a table during the weekend where activity on the ongoing Oral History project can be focussed.

Gurumo n'Detenga is a superb photographer and he has agreed to be generously available to take photographs. His aunt lived in Pearl City while he was growing up in Deerfield Beach, so he knows the community well. His present name is a Swahili name he took while living in Tanzania, so those who knew him 40 years ago in Pearl City knew him by a different name which is not known to me. We need to provide a helper for him so we can accurately get names of people photographed during the weekend. I might be that helper.

John Brown will put all the photos he has on a CD or DVD; I'll inventory them and ask Susan Gilllis of the B.R.Historical Society if she has better scans or original digital images or any others to add. In all cases we want the highest quality image we can get, including 10mb images from Gurumo's new camera if he has it by then. All available photos should be put in a slide show that can be used during the weekend. Maybe we can even add photos to the slide show which are taken during the weekend. John Brown knows how to do this in Windows XP so we'll need a laptop computer running XP. My laptop computer is available but it runs Windows 2000. For that, a Powerpoint presentation would be needed. Tom Tift at First UMC knows how to create that if needed.

Tom says the Rev. Nora (English) Simmons would be a good person to get Oral History from. Since she lives nearby, we can develop our process working with her and can actually get started before the reunion, as soon as we're ready.

Peggy McCall and Justine Kuntz of St. Gregory's Episcopal Church have relevant knowledge and are willing to help if needed.

I recommend that we not give importance to collecting Oral History material on video unless there is someone ready to help who will take charge of that. In my experience, video is lots harder to figure out how to present well. Often, when it is presented it doesn't appear as good in quality as photos can. Photos from Gurumo will be as good as a professional photographer would do, good enough to include in a glossy magazine.

Susan Gillis (Historical Society) has provided a form for inviting and capturing historical information. John Brown will adapt it to be included as one page in the Souvenir Booklet, and, of course, we'll have lots of loose pages of it at our Oral History project table.

John Brown and I are thinking that our souvenir booklet can be published again 3 to 6 months after the reunion to show all that we've added. That publication can be on CD or DVD so it can be distributed free or at very low cost while being quite spectacular. Gurumo has skills to help in this as well.

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