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The Coup In Honduras: The Role of SOA Graduates In Latin America





Monday, October 5 at 7:00pm


Lake Worth Friends (Quaker) Meeting House

823 North A Street, Lake Worth, FL


Tuesday, October 6 at 7:30pm


St. Maurice Church

2851 Stirling Rd, Dania Florida



Lisa Sullivan, Coordinator for the School of the Americas Watch "Partnership America Latina" (PAL), will speak about the changes taking place in Latin America, including an analysis of the recent coup in Honduras.

While our attention has been focused on the Middle East, our neighbors in Latin America have been forging a new political landscape based on values they call "dignity and sovereignty."  Eleven countries south of the Rio Grande have elected progressive presidents over the past ten years, turning the political landscape of that area upside down.

Together with Fr. Roy Bourgeoise and others, Lisa has visited 17 Latin American countries over the past three years, meeting with leaders--including seven presidents--to discuss the School of the Americas.  These visits, along with pressure from partners in Latin America, led Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Costa Rica to announce they will no longer send troops for training to the SOA/WHINSEC.

Sullivan has lived in Latin America for 32 years, most of this time in Venezuela, but also in Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Guatemala, working as a Maryknoll Lay Missioner and a mom who raised her kids in the barrios of Barquisimeto. She met with Honduran President Zelaya shortly before the coup, and then returned days after it to stand in solidarity with the people. Lisa Sullivan is in a unique position to interpret and explain what happened, especially the concern over the U.S. response and the dangerous implications the coup has for all of Latin America

For more info call David at (561) 537-0584 or Ray at (954) 423-0051

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Oct 5,'09 (Mon) 7:00 pm. — The Coup in Honduras: The Role of SOA Graduates in Latin America  —  map to Palm Beach Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends

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