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Help on the way for Ethiopian Jews in Israel

The Sun-Sentinel reported on January 29 that the United Jewish Communities have pledged $160 million over the next five years to help Ethiopean Jews trying to settle in Israel. The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County has pledged to donate $3.7 million. The Jewish community has a heroic history of helping their scattered community. An Ethiopian/Israeli band playing traditional Ethiopian Jewish music ( Bahalachin ) appeared at St. Gregory's Episcopal Church in Boca Raton on April 1.

JCRC in Boca Raton reports: In September 2005, the Federation Board decided unanimously to help fund "Operation Promise," a major project organized by the United Jewish Communities, the North American Federation movement's umbrella organization. Operation Promise is a $160 million initiative to help feed and deliver basic services to poor, elderly Jews in the Former Soviet Union (FSU), strengthen identity programs for young FSU Jews facing assimilation, bring the remaining Ethiopian Jews to Israel and lift the entire Ethiopian-Israeli community into the mainstream.

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