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Beauty Beats and Shines

I am a frayed and nibbled survivor in a fallen world, and I am getting along.
I am aging and eaten and have done my share of eating too.
I am not washed and beautiful, in control of a shining world in which everything fits,
but instead am wandering awed about on a splintered wreck I've come to care for,
whose gnawed trees breathe delicate air,
whose bloodied and scarred creatures are my dearest companions,
and whose beauty beats and shines not in its imperfections, but overwhelmingly in spite of them.

Source: Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard

For another testimony on joy, see The Winning Ticket by Thomas Merton.

This is from Inward/Outward, The Church of the Saviour, Wash., D.C.

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