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The following information is presented for each faith community if it is available and the name of the faith community is linked to a map if the address is known. (4 congregations, see Priorities)

  1. Episcopal Church of The Good Shepherd, 400 Seabrook Road, Tequesta, FL, 33469 , 2685 ,, 561-746-4674,, EC, GSECT, 1 , Materials, person Robert Taylor, Rector, Fax, Email, Mimi Howard, Deacon, Fax, Email, Wendy Williams, Fax, Email, Jane Tierney, Outreach Chair, PhoneH, Cell, Email, Rev. Bob Taylor.
  2. St. Jude Catholic Church of Tequesta, 204 U.S. Hwy. #1, Tequesta, FL, 33469 ,, 561-746-7974, 561-743-6127, RC, SJT, 1 , O'Neill, person Rev. Thomas Vengayil, Lenny Sojka.
  3. Tequesta Church of Christ, 11701 SE 171St Street, Tequesta, FL, 33469 , 561-744-8671, COC, 1 .
  4. Tequesta's First Baptist Church, 423 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta, FL, 33469 , 561-746-4447, BA, 1 .

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