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Our Message

Faith communities are already importantly at work to help homeless people and families, like those in this list (click to see list).

There are many avenues whereby congregations can initiate their own help to the homeless, or, for an easier path, join the effort of someone else who is already active in serving the homeless,

We have a database of congregations in or near Palm Beach County. It includes data needed for postal mailings, telephone/fax, and for e-mail. It has been used for several postal mailings and e-mailings to either Boca/Delray or to the entire Palm Beach County. As of December 5, 2013 , our Network of Congregations lists 1015 congregations, 505 clergy, 660 phone numbers, 87 websites, and 50 e-mail addresses for the institutions. We have 210 e-mail addresses for clergy. The list can be viewed by municipality and by denomination . The database has lots of telephone numbers, so the names of clergy and the e-mail list could be expanded by volunteers.

We have two lists of helping agencies that are important but not necessarily faith based. "211" has given us a list of 29 agencies who help homeless people and families. And we have our own list of 491 Helping Agencies in PBC.

Our domain name is and the name for our effort is Faith in Action in Palm Beach County

Our Media
Congregations Working to Increase Our Help to the Homeless

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