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About Us

This website grew out of the consciousness of St. Gregory's Episcopal Church with strong influence from the Church of the Saviour. It is maintained by Carl House and it is considered to be part of his ministry at St. Gregory's. It is not, however, a way of telling others about us. Instead, it is one of the windows through which we learn and collaborate with others.

It began as one man's journey and began to be more when Congregation B'nai Israel (CBI) asked St. Gregory's to join them in raising awareness of and bringing aid to Darfur. We took part in Mitzvah Day at CBI and began thinking about how we might use that experience to draw more people at St. Gregory's into ministry. Our bishop (Ottley) was intrigued and urged that our diocese hold an "outreach fair" (inspired by Mitzvah Day) at it's November annual meeting. The personal spiritual journey continued with study and conversation. Two topics were becoming more important than others as linchpins to a more just world.

  1. We now know that preschool is the most critical age for enabling a person to become effective at functioning in our society. If children have good brain function by age 3 they not only look good on tests but they also have self-discipline which is twice as important as I.Q. in predicting academic achievement. And, we know that stability and love are essential foundations of learning.
  2. No where is public perception more at odds with a just reality than on the subject of homelessness . The public perception bears little resemblence to the real problem. We think of the problem when people ask for money at street intersections. Many of these people aren't homeless; they are just making a living. What we don't see are the families with children who cannot reveal their homelessness because our state authorities may take the children away if it becomes known that the family is homeless. Nationally it is estimated that 40% of homeless people are part of a homeless family and 20-25% of all homeless people are children. What chance do homeless children have for stability and love ?
These two issues are the focus for our continuing work.

The following have been important moments during this journey.

The following have provided inspiration and ideas. As they and others provide more comment, this document will be revised.

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