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New Journey

Is is OK to pronunce "asked" as "aksed" ? 1/ 5/12Carl House 
When Survival Hinged on Team Spirit10/22/08Stephen HoldenNYT
Calculating Economics of an Eye for an Eye 7/29/08Patricia CohenNYT
On the Peace Born of Faith 7/10/08Scott HortonHarper's Magazine
‘Miraculous’ Recovery for Man Who Fell 47 Floors 1/ 4/08James BarronNYT
The Bulldozer And The Big Tent10/14/07Michael CrowleyNYT
World Bank and U.N. to Help Poor Nations Recover Stolen Assets 9/18/07Warren HogeNYT
New Poverty Problem: Immigrant Problem 9/ 5/07Robert J. SamuelsonWP
Foundation gets half a million to improve community 8/23/07Susan R. MillerPBP
Jews don't need to be redeemed 7/27/07Rachel PatronSS
We'd do well to remember this amazing man 7/27/07Steve GusheePBP
Palm Beach County's Culture of Corruption 7/22/07Joel EngelhardtPBP
The End of Integration 7/ 6/07David BrooksNYT
A ‘Painful Way to Die' 6/25/07Nicholas D. KristofNYT
Matters of Faith Find a New Prominence on Campus 5/ 2/07Alan FinderNYT
Planet of the Apes 4/28/07Robert WrightNYT
Scientist Finds the Beginnings of Morality in Primate Behavior 3/20/07Nicholas WadeNYT
Valor and Squalor 3/ 5/07Paul KrugmanNYT
Torture by Worms 2/18/07Nicholas D KristofNYT
Human Nature Redux 2/18/07David BrooksNYT
Conversion Story12/31/06Damon LinkerNew York Times Book Review
The Devoted Student12/21/06Mark C TaylorNYT
The Muslim Stereotype12/10/06Nicholas D. KristofNYT
Becoming New Now11/ 4/06Gordon CosbyCOS
The God Delusion10/22/06Jim HoltNYT
A Powerful Preacher Who Tries to Deflect Public Acclaim 3/ 8/06Michael LuoNYT
Abortion11/13/05Michael LuoNYT
Donations quickly surpass $287 million 9/ 3/05David HoPBP
Where a Cuddle With Your Baby Requires a Bribe 8/30/05Celia W. DuggerNYT
At His Funeral, Brother Roger Has an Ecumenical Dream Fulfilled 8/24/05John TagliabueNYT
Childhood Bullying 8/23/05January W. PayneWashington Post
New York Times editorial by Jim Wallis 8/ 4/05Jim WallisNYT
Health Care for the Uninsured 7/24/05Phil GalewitzPBP
Teachers Matter   
An Ancient Paradox, Julie Galambush's view   
Remarks at the Holocaust Remembrance Service   
New Ideas for a Small Planet   
A Catalonian Revival   
The University of Adversity   
Fighting Poverty With $2-a-Day Jobs   
Political voices of religious left   
Why Genocide Matters   
Evangelism revisited   
Making Room for Healing   
Communion, by Jean Vanier   
Marian Fisher   
Present Moment Mindfulness David HilfikerJoseph's House
Partnership Of Minds   
Homeless People and Families   
The Lord's Place   
Homosexuality and the Bible   
Who Should Benefit from Rebuilding New Orleans ?   
Contributions to Non-Profits by the City of Boca Raton   
We Can Become a "Post Contemporary" Church   
American debacle, by Zbigniew Brzezinski   
Daughter, dad win $46 million jackpot   
The Cost of Discipleship   
Forgetting Reinhold Niebuhr   
Frederick B. Williams   
Faith-Based Medicine   
Physics and the Mind of God   
'Covenant' urges blacks to shape their own destiny   
Together and Different   
Human Condition   
Best Books   
Ten Most Important Dates   
In Search Of Dignity   
George Carlin   

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