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The Lord's Place

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John and Angela Frisbie, Kathy Bihl, Carl House and Jane Tierney visited The Lord's Place for lunch on July 29 and found it to be a superb comprehensive program for assisting homeless people and families. It challenged our assumptions about the homeless and about social service programs in several profound ways.

Our conclusion is that we have much to learn from The Lord's Place and there may be many ways we'll want to help.

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Founded in 1981, The Lord's Place, Inc. is dedicated to restoring dignity and self-esteem to the homeless and committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness. The Lord's Place and its programs provide housing, food, education and support services designed to promote self-sufficiency, self-reliance and a stable environment for families and individuals. Programs of The Lord's Place include the Boynton Beach Family Shelter, the West Palm Beach Family Shelter Complex, Cafe Joshua, Joshua House, the Chef's Apprentice Program, the Retail Apprentice Program, The Lord's Place Thrift and Gift Store and the Upscale Resale Store. Administrative offices are located at 2808 Australian Avenue, West Palm Beach. For more information about the programs, please call (561) 494-0125. Click here for The Lord's Place Website

The Lord's Place Programs

The Lord's Place is a non-profit, non-sectarian, 501(c)(3) organization established and maintained in recognition of the community's moral obligation to assist its disadvantaged members and dedicated to restoring dignity and self-esteem to the homeless. The Lord's Place is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness by providing housing, food, education and support services designed to promote self-sufficiency, self-reliance and a stable environment for families and individuals.

The Family Shelter Program

The Family Shelter Program provides emergency and transitional shelter for homeless families with children. There are two locations, in Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach, each with support services designed to address the issues that lead to the family's homelessness. Units are fully furnished, and food is provided through an on-site pantry. Families work with staff to develop a service plan and budget for saving money. Life skills seminars for adults, and tutoring for children, are offered. Families turn in approximately 75% of their income to be placed in a savings account, with all funds returned at the end of their stay to secure their own housing.

Cafe Joshua

Cafe Joshua, a "reservations-only" restaurant for the homeless, offers case management and more than twenty personal support services to equip individuals with the tools needed to become productive members of society. Potential "guests," referred by community agencies, are interviewed by a case manager who identifies personal issues and needs to be addressed. More than a feeding program, guests are served a meal prepared by a certified chef at tables graced with linen, silverware and flowers. Volunteer servers and table companions offer support and encouragement. Empowerment programs include intensive case management, job listings, interview/application/resume assistance, voicemail access, life-skills seminars, on-site AA and NA meetings, vision & dental referrals, legal clinic, GED workbooks and practice tests, computer tutorials, haircuts and personal care products.

The Chef's Apprentice Program

The Chef's Apprentice Program was created to help break the cycle of homelessness by providing homeless individuals an opportunity to learn marketable skills and the training necessary to find gainful employment. The 12-week Chef's Apprentice Program is open to qualified individuals at no cost. Individuals are chosen from our existing client base or referred by agencies we work with. Participants learn basic cooking skills, food preparation and food safety. The program also provides participants with hands-on-training by giving them the responsibility for planning and preparing daily meals and learning all the aspects of the restaurant business such as ordering supplies and staff management. Additionally, the participants receive basic tools such as a set of knives and proper uniform. Participants receive case management to ensure they will finish the 12-week program. Once particpants finish the training, they are required to take the Florida Department of Professional Regulation test in order to work in the food service industry. The Lord's Place also offers job placement through a network of local hotels and restaurants.

Joshua House

Joshua House is a safe, supportive transitional home for homeless men dealing with substance abuse issues. The program provides long-term, comprehensive care as part of a daily recovery program. Residents receive luncheon reservations at Cafe Joshua and participate in its restorative and empowerment programs.

The Lord's Place Stores

The Lord's Place Stores serve as job training sites, employing formerly homeless individuals. Many families arrive at The Lord's Place in need of job skills and work experience; others come in need of clothing, furniture and household items. The Lord's Place Thrift & Gift Store was created out of these needs. Families are allowed to volunteer and earn store credit to purchase items instead of having to accept charity. As added benefit, all proceeds go directly to the operating costs of the Family Shelter Program.

The Food Pantry

The Food Pantry provides food assistance to families residing at our shelters. Food Pantries are located at both the West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach Family Shelters. Residents are able to chose from a wide variety of foods when making their weekly grocery lists. For those not residing at either shelter, referrals are made to programs including food stamps and SHARE. The Food Pantry is stocked in cooperation with the Daily Bread Food Bank, WPTV's Food for Families, USDA and through the generous donations of other organizations and individuals.

All services are provided free of charge. Hope is restored and lives are changed when the homeless are treated with dignity and welcomed into a caring supportive community.

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