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What's New

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church led the second in a series of workshops on "Dismantling Racism" on August 13, 2005. While the focus was on what white people can do, clergyman from each of the three black churches in Pearl City attended and participated eloquently. Carl House from St. Gregory's Episcopal Church attended and created the written summary of the workshop. These "Whats New" links include only those in this folder and below. To see more "Whats New", go to
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Is is OK to pronunce "asked" as "aksed" ? 20120105Carl House 
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In Search Of Dignity 20090711  
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Heir to a Sad Literary Legacy Adds a New Chapter of Grief 20090412David BarstowNYT
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You Thought It Was Hell? War Is Sporty 20081031Barry GewenNYT
When Survival Hinged on Team Spirit 20081022Stephen HoldenNYT
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Like Eating Stone 20081010  
Ten Most Important Dates 20081010  
Happiness 20080916  
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Calculating Economics of an Eye for an Eye 20080729Patricia CohenNYT
Forgiveness 20080720Rev. Debbie SelfSt. Gregory's E.C.
On the Peace Born of Faith 20080710Scott HortonHarper's Magazine
Human Condition 20080701  
No Bad Guys, Only Us 20080308  
Human Nature Redux 20070218David BrooksNYT
Of Love and Money 20060525David BrooksNYT
Obituary: Rabbi Jacob Rader Marcus 19951118Albert H.
Jacob R. Marcus, 99, Professor Who Was Oldest Reform Rabbi 19951116Lawrence Van GelderNYT

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