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Interfaith Engagement

We are inspired by the writing and the visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (HHDL) to believe that spirituality can be an important means for creating a more just and harmonious world. While humans on our planet have made progress in recent centuries as evidenced by civil rights, women's rights, labor laws and soon children's rights, we feel urgency about hastening that progress. We are particularly conscious of the misuse of religion despite HHDL's assertion that the basis of all major religions is love, compassion and forgiveness. HHDL states that when religion is interpreted in ways different from this it is because of "unruly minds". That wonderful statement leaves lots of room for us to love one another. Many people and organizations in South Florida are seeking justice and peace with a spiritual foundation. They and we are wellsprings in our landscape. "Interfaith Engagement" hopes to use modern technology to increase the connections among those people and organizations. We intend that our effort will "encourage the sharing of ideas and knowledge about the practices of spirituality and their relationship to planetary and invididual well-being. We will promote participation in multi-faith, multi-spiritual dialogue." (quote from PSS) Click here for our plan. We are located in South Florida; our program focus is from Martin County to Monroe County which includes West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Key West. Our concern is from our home town thru concentric circles to include the planet.

Our concern right now is to establish a firm location on the internet from which we can build. They most important thing is to increase the number of "members" of this group because then we can get more help from Facebook. If you'd like to encourage this work or join it, please click to "join" us on Facebook. We've added 20 members since Prof. Bassem Alhalabi led a discussion at St. Gregory's Episcopal Church on May 29.

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