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Our most urgent priority. At the top of our Interfaith.Engagement Facebook page these buttons appear:

  Discussion   Members   Events   Photos   Files  

Many other Facebook pages have another tab:   More   and it is capable of dropping down and exposing half a dozen or so more links. I would like to add   More   to our page and be able to put links to in the   More   links. The specific additional links on Facebook will evolve as we evolve, so we will need to know how to change them. For now we can use links that are on our page: Sitemap Specific links to add to the   More   Facebook dropdown would be:

Our bigger list of priorities as we see them are below. (updated 5/27/17 09:59)

  1. Make our Facebook group page as good as we can quickly.
    1. Get Facebook to make our URL be "" -- DONE (with help from Abdel Elrafa)
    2. Learn what sort of group pages Facebook provides for and which would be best for us. Make ours is that sort of page (or as close to it as we can).
    3. Get more members for our Facebook group page. (Ron, Ted, Bassem, Carl, ....) We have 21 new members since Bassem's talk.
    4. Develop a strategy to maximize the strength or appeal of our Facebook page and make it so.
    5. Put links in the Facebook header to our substantive pages in
    6. Review & learn from
    7. .....
  2. Support & acknowlege communities who are on our team.
    1. St. Gregory's Episcopal Church
    2. Islamic Center of Boca Raton
    3. Lake Worth Interfaith Network
  3. Develop a strategy for reaching out to faith communities and do it first for....
    1. B'nai Torah Congregation
    2. First United Methodist Church of Boca Raton
    3. Muslim Center on Purdy Lane in WPB
    4. Masjid Al Ansar in Miami
    5. Unitarian-Universalist Palm Beach Gardens
    6. Unitarian-Universalist Boca Raton
    7. .....
  4. Technology
    1. choose tech platforms: website (DNN ?), forum (Ning ?), Facebook)
    2. add a "More" tab after Facebook tabs Discussion Members Events Photos Files and begin adding important links
    3. put into a new format allowing continuity and growth
    4. .....

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