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C B Hanif

Re the poll, for example, the real focus was Poll Shows Muslims Believe in American Dream (Columbus Disp)

and Some Slant Poll Results on US Muslims (Daily News)

As our country has proved in these recent years, there's little good that results from being motivated by fear. But If good folks such as yourself highlight the fear factor, it's no wonder that resonates with those folks who have no clue.

Also, I would hardly cite Blair. But anyone wanting to hear from Islam's authentic voices need only listen to them.

I appreciate your kind words, but I am only a sincere Muslim who resonates with sincere folks of whatever faith. Superb teachers do abound for those who want to hear them; many are non-Muslims who are much better at expressing Islam than I. But Muslim or non, we can make them available.

As you see, I spend a lot of time with them, whether the UUs, the Focolare. or whomever, throughout our country and the world. We invite other folks who are sincerely seeking, innocently motivated by fear, or influenced by the worst part of themselves.

But we are too busy sharing goodwill to spend time arguing. hosted by UMich professor Juan Cole is an excellent source for "Thoughts on the Middle East, History and Religion."

I also will send U some of my columns on all this, and some other links that may be helpful. Will look to hear from you re the 19th. With appreciation for your efforts...

C. B. Hanif

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