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Frequently Asked Questions

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator Since our context is "Islam thru Goyish eyes", these questions are those that seem to be on the minds of many non-Muslims. While some of these questions will seem confronting or intrusive or impertinent, they are on the minds of many non-Muslims, and if we want to have more normal relationships, it might help if we address them. We acknowledge that these questions persist partly because of imbalance in news reporting, and we certainly understand that there have been times in our history when these questions were terribly important in other faith traditions. I hope that our Muslim brothers and sisters will understand that we come from a sincere desire for conversation and normalcy and will help us answer these questions in ways to help us have understanding.

Why don't moderate Muslims protest the misuse of their religion ?

Christianity & Judaism have had their "reformation", will there be an Islamic Reformation ?

Srebrenica massacre of 8000 Muslim men and boys in 1995 by Serbs whose dominant religion is Christian (Serbian Orthodox Church). (Serbian religion).

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