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New Journey

Report Seeks Engagement With Muslims by Diplomacy 9/24/08Laurie GoodsteinNYT
Fort Lauderdale's Anatolia Cultural Center endeavors to 'show the real Islam' 9/14/08James D. DavisSS
South Florida Muslims gathering to urge involvement in communities 8/10/08Lois K. SolomonSS
Groundbreaking today for Islamic Center expansion in Boca Raton 2/16/08Lois K. SolomonSS
Islamic terrorism called aberration 2/12/08Ron HayesPBP
We turn away the 'Muslim Martin Luther' 2/ 8/08Steve GusheePBP
Jews and Muslims Set Up Big Interfaith Effort12/16/07Michelle BoorsteinWP
Islam's Silent Moderates12/ 7/07Ayaan Hirsi AliNew York Times Op-Ed contribution
In Open Letter, Muslims Seek Cooperation With Christians as a Step Toward Peace10/12/07Neil MacfarquharNYT
Lack of Civil Liberties Breeds Terrorism 7/ 5/07David WesselWall Street Journal
American Muslim News Briefs 6/ 6/07info@cair.comCair listserv
Security agency enlisting Muslims to rebut radicals/Idea is to engage young minds in ideological battle 6/ 5/07Matthai Chakko KuruvilaSf Chronicle
Blair can no longer deny a link exists between terrorism and foreign policy 6/ 4/07Tariq RamadanGuardian Unlimited
A Journey to, and From, the Heart of Radical Islam in Britain 6/ 2/07Jane PerlezNYT
A Growing Demand for the Rare American Imam 6/ 1/07Neil MacfarquharNYT
Some younger U.S. Muslims say suicide bombings could be justified 5/22/07Rebecca TrounsonLos Angeles Times
Struggle for the Soul of Islam: Inside Indonesia 4/19/07Mark BowdenNYT
America at a Crossroads, The World Since 9/11, in Detail and Sorrow 4/14/07Alessandra StanleyNYT
Keeping the faithful 4/ 9/07Omar SacirbeyBoston Globe
Art Review, 'Venice and the Islamic World', The Republic of Beauty, Melding West and East 3/30/07Holland CotterNYT
Between Black and Immigrant Muslims, an Uneasy Alliance 3/11/07Andrea ElliottNYT
In Medieval Architecture, Signs of Advanced Math 2/27/07John Noble WilfordNYT
The Way We Live Now: 2-25-07: Reconsideration, A Secret History 2/25/07Carla PowerNYT
Tariq Ramadan Has an Identity Issue 2/ 4/07Ian BurumaNYT
Martin Luther Al-King? 1/24/07Thomas L. FriedmanNYT
Putting a Different Face On Islam in America 9/20/06Neil MacfarquharNYT
The Art of Loving as God Who is One Loves 6/11/05Mercedes MontFocolare
African American Muslim women: an invisible group 9/ 0/04Karen Fraser WycheSex Roles: A Journal of Research
S. Florida interfaith group has plans for expansion 6/26/04James D. DavisSS
An American in Mecca 1/18/04C.B. HanifPBP
Across religious lines 7/22/02Nicole T. LessonSS
Muslims know the truth about 'jihad': Terrorists are the evil10/ 2/01Gholam RahmanPBP
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