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These questions were prompted by the Shemin Trialogue Seminar on February 12, 2007 at FAU.

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today, yet we have very little knowledge of them or their faith. For lots of us, the knowledge that we do have consists of the sound bites we get from our media. The purpose of this folder in Jacobs Ladder is to help us have better knowledge. Here are questions that seem important.

  1. How many Muslims are there in America (10m?) ? In Palm Beach County (6k?) ? What are their circumstances ?
  2. Where are the 1.3 billion living. Which groups are most likely to be sympathetic to extremism ? Which not so ?
  3. What does jihad mean ? Is Muslim extremism based in the Quran or not ?
  4. I heard a Jewish man say you can't separate his oral tradition from his holy book. What does this mean for a Muslim?
  5. I was surprised to hear Dr. Khaleel Mohammed say that America will be one of the sources for moderation in Islam. He then mentioned three people (women?) who were educated in America and who are now forces for change elsewhere. Let's learn more about this.

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