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We've nearly finished reading our primary resource books. Here are some of the ideas for which we want to go back and find explicit quotes. The job of our collaborators is to identify these ideas and more importantly the quotes and page references that support them. Before 11/20 we'll replace this page with the quotes we've extracted and replace the The Case for God page with our one page statement.

  1. Before the 17th Century the writers of our sacred books did not intend for their work to be read explicitly. It was in the tradition of the Greek "mythos".
  2. Faith, spirituality, or religion (whatever we wish to call it) was expected to be realized most importantly thru ritual. When ritual is absent (Jews in the Netherlands), faith easily fails.
  3. Fundamentalism is a new phenomenon arising as our formal religions failed to creatively respond to advances in "logos" (science) in the 17th century.
  4. HHDL was asked which religion is best. He said we have many because each human can find the one which serves him/her best. None is best for all.
  5. HHDL has identified the qualities common to all religions as: love, compassion, forgivenesss....(and maybe gratitude & mindfulness). Whatever makes these qualities grow in us is good for us.
  6. Lots and lots of our pain comes from thwarted ego. HHDL says rising above ego is paramount.
  7. Bobby Pruitt has reminded us that we can be wonderfully creative in interpreting all this stuff. Discernment & authenticity are immensely important.
  8. Faith is a personal matter. If you dump yours on me without listening to me I might be silent, or object, or walk away. If you then think you should harm me, you are a fruitcake.

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