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Evolution of Civilization

St. Gregory's Episcopal Church in the past year has had a simply extraordinary exploration under the broad umbrella "The Evolution of Religious Thought". The table below is part of the information from the lecture and PowerPoint presentation on April 18. This is fascinating for many of us, but we do have Western and Christian biases. To help us get past that I've added Muhammad and the Arab engineer Al-Jazari, who lived in what is now modern Turkey in the 13th century. Let's see what we can do to better recognize evolution other than our own. For now, instead of calling it "other", let's call it "Eastern". If others start helping with this, we can improve the presentation. At present we're helped by the links to Wikipedia in this table, but there's lots more we can do.

-1200Hebrew Bible
30Jesus of Nazareth
60Paul of Tarsus
313Constantine I
413Augustine of Hippo
868Muhammad al-Mahdi
1273Thomas Aquinas
1515Martin Luther
1517Protestant Reformation
1523Huldrych Zwingli
1536John Calvin
1654Blaise Pascal
1684Pierre Bayle
1543Nicolaus Copernicus
1574Tycho Brahe
1609Johannes Kepler
1632Galileo Galilei
1687Isaac Newton
1785James Hutton
1830Charles Lyell
1859Charles Darwin
1899Sigmond Freud
1450Johannes Gutenberg
1486Leonardo da Vinci
1492Christopher Columbus
1501Ferdinand Magellan
1502Raphael Sanzio
1520Michelangelo Buonarroti
1764Immanuel Kant
1801Georg Hegel
1801Thomas Young
1865James Clerk Maxwell
1872Friedrich Nietzsche
1905Theory of relativity
1918Harlow Shapley
1925Edwin Hubble
1926Quantum Theory
1650Rene Descartes
1670Baruch Spinoza
1681Gottfried Leibniz
1605Francis Bacon
1668John Locke
1740David Hume
1851Karl Marx
1719George Berkeley
1745Jean-Jacques Rousseau
1200Medieval Renaissance

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