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A Meditation on 30 Words

happy domination arrowdrbls meaning arrowdrbls happy self discipline arrowdnbls arrowdlbls insight arrowdlbls loneliness-solitude
entitlement arrowdrbls despair arrowdrbls excellence arrowdnbls arrowdlbls kindness arrowdlbls hierarchy of needs, longing
happy empowerment arrowdrbls resilience arrowdrbls intimacy arrowdnbls arrowdlbls trust arrowdlbls social justice happy
arrogance arrowdrbls self awareness, mindfulness arrowdrbls sad anger arrowdnbls arrowdlbls hard work arrowdlbls self destruction
happy examina arrowrtbls happy our possibilities arrowrtbls the human condition sad arrowltbls worldview happy arrowltbls self deception
arrowurbls vengeance arrowurbls indulgence sad arrowupbls Paradox happy arrowulbls compassion happy arrowulbls forgiveness happy
arrowurbls individuation happy arrowurbls affirmation arrowupbls healing happy arrowulbls sociobiology arrowulbls field theory
arrowurbls reason arrowurbls motivation arrowupbls balance arrowulbls Confrontation arrowulbls Law of Accelerating Returns happy
arrowurbls reconciliation arrowurbls grace arrowupbls human dignity arrowulbls purposefulness arrowulbls Defense-War-Aggression sad
These 30+ words are sufficient to draw a circle around my world. It is personal, but it also includes the world as I see it and it includes my commitment to make the world a better place. Most of these words are linked to more information on what they mean to me.

We're imagining that there will be a new medium which combines simple ideas (words) and more complex expansions on what they mean. Suppose one could play with words or ideas, deleting and adding new ones; suppose one could choose the elaboration on what they mean when one wanted to take the time; and, suppose somebody clever was creating the technology to make all this fun and easy. That's what we're imagining.

To quickly see what this idea is about, go to When the page comes up, type "Elvis Presley" in the "Search:" box and click "Enter" (there is no need to give them your e-mail). You'll see Elvis in the middle of lots of singers & singing groups who are liked by the same people who like Elvis in the database built from tracking the cursor clicks of visitors to Then search on any artist or movie that interests you to see what it is associated with. Liveplasma seems to default to artist, so if you give a movie name, then click "movie" before clicking "enter". and use this approach when making suggestions, but the liveplasma display is spectacular. Imagine playing with ideas in this manner. Also imagine that "Liveplasma" provided for linking to more information.

Smiley faces are saying that I think the content behind the link is pretty good. Sad faces are saying that I'd really like to improve the content behind the link. But the content behind the links is a lot less fun than it will be to play with words and how they relate to each other. "Affirmation" is important to most of us, but if our "arrogance" aspect is strong, we don't need "affirmation"; "insight" might be more useful. Click on "Concept Maps" below to see what technologies exist that could be the leading edge of how to play with these sorts of ideas.

  1. Concept Maps in
  2. Concept Maps in
Click here to visit "Synchronicity PBC":
selfportraitrogerfisher "Self Portrait", by Roger Sherman of Ft. Myers, a 50" oil painting on exhibit at the Boca Raton Museum of Art (September'08). As I looked at this painting I began to feel that it could easily be of me. I was thinking, "I'm really not at my best here. I'm reminded that I'm rarely thought to be "warm & fuzzy". Competent yes, but also impatient and abrupt. And then I thought "maybe this is Everyman". He also has possibilities that don't readily show, especially if he is "different". Especially if he really wants progress. And then the irony came to me. Who is "somebody", who is "nobody", and who is "everybody" ?" I'd like that nobody is "nobody", everybody is "somebody", and "everybody" is "kin". It is very clear that the Prophet Muhammad was right in saying "G_d made us different so we could learn from each other". But, it seems that we need to be frequently reminded.

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