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I talked with Tom a couple of days ago about Karen Eriksen and her teaching me about constructivism.

That seems to be defined as making new intelligence out of existing intelligence and is different from rote learning (or learning for tests).

I got into it because I was thinking that we have the habit of being linear, verbal and assuming that things have their common meaning.

I talked to Karen because I was aware that something I was doing was non-linear, visual not verbal, and words mean what the sayer intends, not something universal.

I wanted to know from Karen if there is language for my view and she taught me about constructivism.

Also I figured out that the fellow who started me thinking this way was Dr. Leo J. Baranski who was my psych prof. in 1957

Last week Googling him I learned he died young and was respected for research in Unitary Field Theory.

An interesting side note is that Albert Einstein was his doctoral advisor and said about his work “if I had it to do over again I’d do it Leo’s way”.

Einstein’s work is called Unified Field Theory and its scope is physics.

Baranski’s work is called Unitary Field Theory and its scope is civilization (and for me thinking).

This work does not appear to be currently active, so looking at it we’d be looking at something out of history.

I imagined I’d talk to Ed Mitchell and find out if any of it has meaning for him. If so we could do something.

I also got my transcript from college saying if Baranski gave me an A I’d do something to honor him.

He only gave me a B, so I can’t say Einstein gave Baranski an A and Baranski gave me an A.

But his teaching has been paramount in my intellectual life so I think I’ll claim him as a mentor even though he gave me a B

I’ll see if I can write this up and then we can consider whether or not we can create meaningful conversation about it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

From: Carl House

To: Jana

Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 12:17 PM

Subject: RE: Connectedness & Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

I knew him 25 years ago; we were partners in a business venture.

A year ago I attended a Boca Raton chamber of commerice or some such lunch function when he was the guest speaker.

Kimberly Mitchell, a WPB city commissioner is his daughter.

So there are lots of hooks. Key would be how to create a program that would interest him & then promote it aggressively.

My idea for such a program would be: “Our possibilities are far greater than we imagine; we live at a bare fraction of our potential !

He is very interested in the paranormal; believes in extra planetary life & intelligence.

I believe a significant program for NSP could be built on the subject of connectness.
Watch this video. Ed lives in Boynton Beach. video on Edgar Mitchell

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