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Field Theory

This is a space set apart to wonder, dream, explore...

...when ordinary people come together in pursuit of community, justice, forgiveness--set free for the sake of Love.

We have grown from a small group of people learning how to be on an authentic journey with others -- inward toward our true selves rooted in Love -- outward toward some part of the world's deepest joy and greatest pain.

Even though we are scattered around the world, our hope is that we will find each other and emerge from our aloneness, sharing our insights and questions, our ideas and doubts, lighting fires of hope and loving action.

This text is paraphrased from inward/outward , rewritten to be totally clear about our interfaith focus -- our desire to be open to truth from whatever source it is given to us. We like to think of ourselves as still being part of inward-outward in this which might be said to be their 66th year.

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