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Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education

It was becoming evident in March, to those in the know, that funding for CHHRE was threatened by cutbacks occuring in all Florida public institutions. The threat became news on May 7 with a story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Within days an outpouring of support for the Center gave hope that alternative funding would be found. On May 22 it was reported that sufficient private donations were committed to assure that the Center would not be closed in July as had been feared. Now it is hoped that an endowment can be established to assure that the Center will not be subjected to the uncertainties of public budgets. Your support is needed to give momentum to the effort to establish an endowment and to assure the Center will have adequate facilities, location and institutional support to carry on with its critical work.

  1. The dark side of human beings is continuing to show up and never lurks too far from the surface. The Holocaust is very recent history and genocide continues today.
  2. Our best chance of creating a better future lies with our children.
  3. Children learn from committed, loving, passionate teachers; they do not learn from memorials or archives or history books alone.

Website for the Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education
a printed brochure is available.
Map to the current location of The Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education

The following are newspaper stories that document the funding crisis and public response and messages sent by teachers expressing appreciation and support for the Center.

Many thanks for supporting, saving Holocaust Center at FAU 6/25/08Rosanna M. GatensSS
Donations save FAU's center for Holocaust 6/ 5/08Kimberly MillerPBP
Messages of Support for CHHRE 5/31/08many teachers 
Funding secured to save FAU Holocaust Education Center 5/28/08Ian SquiresSS
FAU's Holocaust center gets a reprieve 5/22/08Editorial BoardSS
Officials at Holocaust center at FAU optimistic it will get money to continue 5/19/08Scott TravisSS
Widen the rescue effort 5/16/08PBP editorialPBP
FAU looking for money to keep Holocaust center open, Legislators pushing to keep it open 5/13/08Scott TravisSS
Holocaust center's backers buoy FAU 5/13/08Kimberly MillerPBP
FAU seeking benefactors to save center for Holocaust 5/12/08Kimberly Miller and Larry LipmanPBP
FAU Holocaust Studies Center may close doors 5/ 7/08Ian SquiresSS

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