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We've been skirting around this subject. With the Global Marshall Plan we've been proposing 1% or 2% of Gross Domestic Product should be devoted to PEACE. I said that's preposterous and Ray and Bill say, "no, it is possible. Others are saying that Social Security and Medicare won't last as long as we will. We hear about the "bridge to nowhere", "$126 million for race horse owners", and the "$3 trillion war". This is way beyond the ability of most of us to comprehend. And now the nation's financial "meltdown" puts this issue at the top of our list of issues. If you'd like to see the "forest" on the subject and don't mind hearing some cynicism, this video called Money as Debt (47 minutes play time) can help. This video presents us with the challenge of resolving a paradox we didn't see yesterday, the paradox of progress vs. sustainability. And here are some links:

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