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The Global Marshall Plan

We've begun identifying resources that might be helpful in getting support for the Global Marshall Plan. My beginning thoughts are these (I've not talked with Bill or anyone else about these thoughts):

  1. we should not assume that people know what the original Marshall Plan was.
  2. headlines like : "War is not working, let's try generousity" "How we made friends with Germany & Japan"
  3. we should reference Al Gore as the person who thought up the GMP in "Earth in the Balance" in 1992.
  4. we should assume that most people accept the dominational/prevail by force worldview.
  5. people whose support we are seeking will be surprised/pleased that there is a serious option like this.
  6. putting out these ideas is our purpose -- regardless of whether or not HR 1078 passes.
  7. a friend told me today "Our nation is broke. China needs to be generous. We can't afford to be.".
Jana, what documents and ideas can we get from the UMC resolution that will help us ?

Other Links:(for Episcopal initiative): I think an Episcopal initiative could be taken from selected American churches & dioceses, formulated from an international (Anglican) perspective. I think this is the right spirit in view of how isolated America has become in the international community (Iraq) and in view of the fact that the Iraq ($3 trillion war) has put America in a serious budget problem.

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