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Let's Have Good Health Insurance Sooner Rather Than Later

August 25, 2009; Interfaith Justice League of Pbc; Let's Have Good Health Insurance Sooner Rather Than Later; by Carl House with help from others.

The Interfaith Justice League of Palm Beach County held a public forum on Health Care Reform on 8/25/09 at Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor in Lake Worth. Nearly three hours long, it covered thoughtfully the state of health care reform in America and especially the option that is getting less than the attention it deserves, Single Payer Health Care. Most of the developed nations of the world, especially those in the European Union enjoy universal health care in a system where the government manages collections and payments and medical service providers give medical care. This is an economical system because marketing and administrative costs are greatly reduced. Citizens benefit from universal health care and .... Doctors like it because ....

The best way to visualize how it would work is to imagine that Medicare is available to everyone in America. That means....

While both the U.S.House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are considering bills that would provide single payer insurance ( HR 676 and S 3200 respectively), they are not high on the list of possibilities because our highly developed insurance industry and its lobbyists have deeply penetrated campaign financing. It is very risky for any Congressman or Senator to consider Single Payer Health Care just as it is very risky for him or her to consider gun control. The big measuring stick for Congress is the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) which evalutes the fiscal impact of any proposed legislation when it is asked to do so. The CBO has not been asked to evaluate Single Payer Health Care. So, while you are reading in the press that the CBO is saying all health care reform options will increase costs, the CBO is not considering Single Payer Health Care among the options.

If you want to explain the Single Payer Option to a friend, or to whoever is riding up the elevator with you, here's what you might say....

  1. Eventually we will have Single Payer Health Care in America, but we will have a very tough battle getting there. California and New York might lead the way. (can we put links here ?)

For more information, click on any of the following links (including Rick Ford's Powerpoint show).

Here's the action we urge you take to help this process get on a right track.....

It may be that this is the first major effort of the Interfaith Justice League of Palm Beach County. I am Carl House and I felt tonite that for the first time I might understand this very complicated subject and its proper solution. Congratulations, Judy, Barry, Larry and Rick for a wonderful presentation.

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