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Map of Area of Concern for FPSPBC

Whoever might help us or be inspired by us is a "Friend of Family Promise". This includes all our teachers, our funders, our Board, our volunteers, our guests, and lots of other people. As we think about what action we might take because of this idea, the following seems useful.

There are people who we'll find that we would like to keep informed. We don't know how they might help us, or how they might help someone else by knowing us. They might not fit into any of the categories of our database, but we don't want to forget them and we'd like for them to know about us and occasionally be reminded of us. As we are thinking about the next e-mail or snail mail to people connected to us, we'll think about including people who are our "friends" even though they don't fit in any other category.

There might be something special about some of these "friends". That is, our "friends" might have people in our innermost circles who would like to make personal the connection of one or more of these "friends" to us. Let's call these people in our innermost circle our "invitors".

When we do an e-mail or snail mail broadcast, maybe we can flag our "friends" as people for whom our "invitors" will personalize the mailing with a handwritten note. And maybe our "invitors" will now and then follow-up with a phone call.

The system that Dan Paulus has constructed allows for this under the system terms "individuals" and "leads".

The database of people for us to maintain contact with is likely to include the following:

  1. 10 or more Board members.
  2. 30 or so Volunteer Coordinators.
  3. 100 or 200 nearby clergy & lay leaders.
  4. 500, or 1000, or 3300 volunteers (Family Promise of Augusta has 3300 volunteers).
  5. 100 or 300 people in service agencies who are partners with us.
  6. 5000 other friends who have expressed support or who we think might be support (described above).

To do this, we need a communications strategy.

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