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Some ideas that bear on planning

Are homeless people local people or are they from somewhere else

In conversation at lunch Bill Laney said something close to the following. This is my best attempt to record what he said. "When you are homeless, you've lost lots of what you are attached to. Very few homeless people want then to lose more of what they know by going to an unfamiliar place. We human beings take great comfort in being near things we know; and when they feel the immense stress of homelessness, people I've known really need to be near some things they know."

Years ago I wanted to know the experience of Dade & Broward homeless activists on whether they were helping local people or people who had migrated from other areas. In those conversations I got the impression that they felt 90% of the people they were helping were local people. We should get documentation on this.

Ideas that might have a place in our strategic planning

Strategic planning has focussed on identity, core values, mission and vision. As we move on to goals, strategies and initiatives, some of the following will find their place in our priorities. Top priority will matters essential to operations. Second priority will be matters important and to which we'll try to find someone to take responsibility. Third priority are matters that might become important if someone steps up and wants to take it on. Fourth priority are things we can mull over, keep in mind, and maybe someday do something about.
  1. How do we want to structure and manage ourselves ? What principles will help us get the most out of our friends.
  2. What is our communications strategy given our bold vision and considerable array of friends.
  3. Should we expect to be full ? Should we expect a waiting list ? How long might someone be a guest ?
  4. Should we expect board members to be volunteers ?
  5. Do we have an ombudsman, or "request mast" process ?

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