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Our purpose is to plan the creation of one or more villages in the Bondeau region of Haiti and to see that they are built for current and future residents and as a model for development in Nippes and in Haiti. (updated 5/18/11 22:23)

  1. technology plan (led by Carl)
  2. work program, budget & financial management plan for our work (led by Greg, Joe & Carl)
  3. comprehensive plan components (these are called "elements" in Florida law but we will use that word differently for Haiti). As rapidly as we are able we should state the existing conditions that these plan components address and the general approach we anticipate.. We will propose solutions as soon we are ready to do so, revising them as we proceed.
    1. urgent components
      1. education plan (led by Diane)
      2. economic development plan (led by Dolores)
      3. expected demographics: population, families, household composition, labor force, labor force participation
      4. housing plan (identify prototypes and fit them to expected households, including analysis of affordability) MODDHA, InnoVida (led by Lynn University)
      5. emergency plan for water and sanitation (led by Greg)
      6. plan for agriculture productivity & conservation
      7. plan for training local citizens to empower them for leadership & responsibility in this enterprise
    2. other components (we must decide which of these are needed, with what priorities, and we must express them with the most useful language)
      1. legal structure of this enterprise (enabling legislation)
      2. long term plan for sanitary sewer, solid waste, drainage, potable water & natural groundwater recharge (led by Greg)
      3. forestation plan
      4. water supply plan (led by Greg)
      5. zoning & public approval plan
      6. land use plan
      7. traffic circulation plan
      8. conservation plan
      9. recreation & open space plan
      10. coastal management plan
      11. capital improvement plan
      12. intergovernmental coordination plan (led by Joe)
      13. public buildings plan
      14. public safety plan (led by Joe)
      15. hazard mitigation/post disaster plan
  4. An Economic Model will be built showing development cost detail, sequencing and financing. This model will be computerized and continually revised as our data and analysis evolves. (led by Carl)
    1. articulation of neighborhood and village prototypes (or models)
    2. assumed scale for our total plan (possibly in several stages)
    3. sequencing of neighborhoods, villages, town centers, and industrial areas into staged development
    4. economic model for the plan, including financing requirements
  5. management plan so that the plan can be realized

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