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As quickly as we can we must create a content management database to facilitate our collaboration and to make it easy to produce documents of all sorts including a website. Both of our current websites will be erased and replaced by a modern on-line database. Content in that database will be controlled with regard to who has viewing access and who is empowered to add or edit information. The following are essential elements of our tech plan.

  1. flexibility
    1. anybody can add or change content (subject to our permissions)
    2. public visibility must be controllable
    3. structuring available content to render new documents must be easy
    4. rendering formats must include html pages, pdfs, paper pages, ....
  2. availability of talent (imperative that our community have many people who can volunteer or consult on our technology)
  3. our software and server facilities should be pro bono
  4. e-mail will be important; any in our work group must be able to bounce a message (with attachments) off our website to send to the entire group.

• Home Page  • Whats New  • Site Map  • Web Links  • Plan  • Priorities • Elements  • Library  • Geography  • Tech • Tasks  • News  • Dodoma 

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