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Sustainability has become an important global topic with many dimensions.

Sustainable Communities Initiative

This is info on a particular effort in South-East Florida and in 45 communities in the U.S. In 2009 a total of $150,000,000 was appropriated to HUD for a Sustainable Communities Initiative to improve regional planning efforts that integrate housing and transportation decisions, and increase the capacity to improve land use and zoning. In 2010 The South Florida Regional Planning Council and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council begin to enter into memoranda of understanding with what became over 200 allied organizations which comprise the South Florida Regional Partnership. In October 2010 it was announced that the Southeast Florida Regional Partnership has been selected one of 45 recipients of the initial grants. The Partnership was awarded a $4.25 million dollar grant, one of the top four awards nationally, in the “regional plan development” category. A team of 16 consulting firms was formed and work began. On June 27, 2012 the first "summit" meeting invited public participation. with the purpose to create A blueprint for ensuring economic prosperity & the best-possible quality of life for Southeast Florida. More than 500 people responded to the invitation to the first public meeting in Delray Beach. A second "summit" meeting will be held in January, 2013. The following links provide more information.

Sustainatopia is emerging from the sense that a "full embrace of social, financial and environmental sustainability represents not only the best possible economic opportunity for this century, but it is also the natural and correct thing to do." It is also quite possibly "the only thing that will save our planet". Sustainatopia has hosted annual conferences on sustainability & impact investing in the spring of each year since the Haiti earthquate on January 12, 2010. Thousands of people and dozens of institutions (from over 50 countries) have participated. We have benefitted from hearing the experiences of hundreds of organizations who are making a difference. A logical next step is to begin to cumulate this knowledge in a "social media" library where it can become easily available in full detail to all of us and others. We are inspired by Wikipedia in conceiving of how this library might work. Our purpose is provide documentation of good ideas & good data that can help all of us move the planet towards sustainability. We are searching for the best social media platform to do this. Facebook would be distracting. Linkedin does not seem to provide vivid graphic advantages. appears to be a good candidate and we are inspired by what has been created at DotNetNuke has a new social media facility that may also be a good vehicle. It is imperative that our new social media platform has the following features:
  1. It must be very easy for anyone to visit our new website to search for and acquire information helpful towards sustainability for our planet (membership should not be required).
  2. Search engines should index anything we have.
  3. We need at least two promiment levels of categorizing information: (1) main category (e.g. climate change) and (2) subcategory (e.g. rising sea level in coastal areas).
  4. If someone is a "member", the following must be easy.
    1. It should be easy for any "member" to add comment to any prior entry.
    2. It should be easy for any "member" to create a new category at any level and/or to enter a new item for discussion in any category.
    3. New contributions should be easily evident for Admin review.
    4. Administrative privileges must allow someone to put contributions in a "pending" category making it easy to properly categorize them (or delete them if not appropriate).
Please wish us rapid progress.

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