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We are a coalition of helping agencies (non-profits) who are committed to ending homelessness in Palm Beach County. We feel that faith communities have great potential for helping us to identify people (families) in need, for mobilizing resources and opportunities, and for acting as partners to provide follow-up support to people (families) we have helped. We expect to work with many different faith communities and we do not espouse any particular set of beliefs. We work with faith communities who hold dear the values of responsibility, hard work and discipline that are sometimes said to be conservative values. We hold equally dear the values of compassion and empowerment that are sometimes said to be liberal values. We are compelled by the foundation in peace, justice and brotherhood of all our major faiths: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, Hindu and others. This is an evolving document. We hope it will contain most of the content of Faith in Action reorganized to best help this initiative. We also need to develop strategy, develop a new website approach, and agree on what name we should use. (updated 12/ 5/13 19:10)

The Challenge

Faith communities are needed in these tough times, to identify people in need and to see that they get help in the best possible ways. It is very important to improve this statement to reflect our truth on homelessness and how we quantify and describe it. This might also be the place to state the purposes of this initiative.

Special Needs

We should have a big list of needs people or organizations can respond to. (tools, uniforms are examples, obviously also special needs for certain families or people) The following is adapted from the list used by Family Promise nationwide to categorize their community initiatives.
  1. After-school/Tutoring
  2. Auto Donation/Repair
  3. Budget and Credit Counseling
  4. Cash Grants
  5. Childcare
  6. Clothing Donation
  7. Family Mentoring
  8. Food Pantry
  9. Furniture Donation
  10. Job Training
  11. Legal Assistance
  12. Life Skills
  13. Parenting
  14. Summer Camp
  15. Emergency Shelter & Support
  16. Rental Assistance
  17. Transitional Housing
  18. Permanent Housing
  19. Follow-Up Support

For Employers

We will give great importance to the possibility of discovering job opportunities through faith communities. Social service agencies have something important to offer employers, support to employees at risk, some of these will be new hires of people at risk

Working Together

Faith communities should not be delivering social services; should instead refer people to helping agencies and maybe provide funding to assure they get immediate help.

Special Opportunities

There are some social action efforts that faith communities can get immense leverage from like SHARE ; we should promote them.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an immensely important issue and we expect to become more knowledgeable, stronger advocates, and to do all that we can to increase the quality and quantity of housing that can be afforded by the people (families) we work with.

Outreach, Marketing & Next Steps

Members of this coalition

The following have committed to work together on this initiative:
Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County, Anne Chernin , Executive Director.
Adopt-A-Family , Wendy Tippett , Executive Director.
Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc. (AVDA) , Pamela O'Brien , Executive Director.
Boca Helping Hands , Linda Gove , Executive Director.
The Center for Family Services of PBC , Dorla Leslie , Executive Director.
Community Partnership Group , Patrick McNamara , President/CEO.
Families First of PBC , Julie Swindler , Executive Director.
Family Promise of South Palm Beach County , Kokie Dinnan , Network Director.
The Lord's Place , Diana Stanley , Executive Director.
YWCA of PBC , Suzanne Turner, CEO.

There are many other helping agencies in PBC who will share this commitment and we will look for opportunities to work with them, for them to join us.

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