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The Interfaith Justice League of Palm Beach County

This should become a simple webpage to identify the Justice League with links to our important related material. Click here for our "message board" using its full name ( or here for a quicker path:

Everything below here is old and most should probably be eliminated. We have these images to start playing with a website, but there are surely lots more.
dragon-sound.mp3   dragon5 dragonbmp dragongif dragonjpg DragonSneeze

The Justice League has long been committed to helping homeless people in Palm Beach County, especially at Westgate Tabernacle Church. Click here to see on YouTube Rabbi Barry Silver speaking about Westgate Tabernacle Church (1:49) Click here for newspaper stories we've collected on Westgate Tabernacle Church

The Justice League has responded to a request for help from the Green Dragons of Don Estridge High Tech Middle School to create a PAC to ban the "free" give away of plastic bags at area stores. Instead, stores should charge a fee in order to stimulate the public's use of canvas bags or other means of "bagging" groceries and goods. Watch this excellent powerpoint presentation to get facts:

Click here for a broad range of issues identified by The Justice League of Palm Beach County. The name "Justice League" comes from Barry's kids who like that name for what their dad and his friends do.

On August 25, 2009 at 7:00 pm at Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor in Lake Worth , the people behind this will hold their first public forum. It is on the subject of health care reform and will advocate a single payer system. We have 5 domain names that are relevant. When we choose a domain name and also an "official" organizational name, we can have a website. We can mix and match -- so you can choose which has the best content and I can make that be the content that is behind the chosen name. Here are domains that we already own and if you click on them you can find the content that is presently behind them.

  1. Justice League PBC .com— just one filler page, assumes we start from scratch on content.
  2. Justice League PBC .org— just one filler page, assumes we start from scratch on content.
  3. Justice League PBC .net— just one filler page, assumes we start from scratch on content.
  4. Faith In Action PBC .org— (761 pages) focusses on our database of PBC faith communities and non-profits.
  5. Beloved Community .info— (1698 pages) same as above but has information on issues (click to see).
This shows how the preferred name can work. Interfaith Justice League of Palm Beach County— The name at the top of the webpage that comes up will be the same as the name we choose. Remember any content you see above can be put behind any of the 5 domain names.

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