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Rafiki Children's Center in Kikuyu town, Kenya, Africa

Marafiki Global AIDS Ministry is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide food, clothing, accommodation, education, medical care, a safe Christian environment and loving support to children world-wide who are affected by HIV/AIDS, and specifically to the Rafiki Children's Center in Kikuyu town, Kenya, Africa.

Marafiki began in Central Ohio in 1995 as a faith-based volunteer workforce trained by medical and pastoral care professionals to provide HIV/AIDS families with spiritual support and life-care assistance.

AIDS orphans in Africa need your support. Every minute another child is orphaned by the HIV/AIDS virus in Kenya. The hardships they face alone on the streets are nearly impossible to imagine. There is hope for the children in the most extreme need because Marafiki is there. The Global AIDS Ministry in Nairobi has saved many children from the horrors of living on the streets through our Children's Center Orphanage and our Adopt-a-Child program.

Marafiki means "Many friends" We ask you to help these desperate children whose families have been swept away by the AIDS epidemic. They have nowhere else to turn for life's most basic necessities--food, clothing, safety and schooling. Your contribution will mean everything to them=

Rev. Dr. John M. Nganga is the leader of this ministry. He is a native of Kenya, an Anglican priest, and is serving as "Assisting Priest" at St. Benedict's Episcopal Church in Plantation, Florida.

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