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Boca Helping Hands, Inc.

Boca Helping Hands Inc., 1500 NW 1st Court, Boca Raton, 33432, 561-417-0913, Fax: 561-417-3763,,
Supplies food and assistance, including job mentoring and employment assistance, for the poor and hungry in the greater Boca Raton area.

Boca Helping Hands was founded in November, 1998 to help hunger and crisis situations for the most needy in neighborhoods of Boca Raton.

It provides hot lunches for the hungry, groceries for poor families and job mentoring to break the cycle of dependency. In 2003, over 26,000 hot means were served to the hungry, almost 5,000 grocery bags were packed for needy families and 58,000 sandwiches were consumed by low-income Boca Raton school children in after school programs. Annually, 27 tons of food is distributed to the needy.

Today, with many people a paycheck away from homelessness, the job assistance center helps break of cycle of poverty and dependence. Boca Helping Hands also provides limited crisis assistance with utility bills, medication needs, transportation and emergency shelter, often the margin of difference for a family's independence. More than 1000 people were helped in 2003.

Boca Helping Hands has 350 dedicated volunteers working with two paid staff members and an involved Board of Directors. Collaborative partnerships with Boca's religious institutions, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army and others insure the most judicious use of scarce resources.

Boca Helping Hands has launched a $1 million capital campaign to bring its many space needs into one location. Land for a 5,500 square foot building has been made available rent free under a long term lease and preliminary plans for the building have been drawn. Costs to construct and equip the new facility will total approximately $850,000. A new assistance fund will be established at $150,000.

In addition to feeding hungry and needy individuals and families in the Boca Raton area, the organization offers limited help in crisis situations with such things as utility payments, prescription drugs, emergency shelter and transportation. The funds requested from the City will be used to help serve the less fortunate in our area.

Boca Helping Hands, Inc., James Gavrilos, Executive Director.

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