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Boynton Beach Family Shelter

The Lord's Place, Boynton Beach Family Shelter 1750 NE 4th Street Boynton Beach, FL 33435 561-736-7006 8/16/06, Stephanie, volunteer for 3 months

The Lord's Place is shelter for up to 3 months for families with children. The shelter operates 21 apartment units and is "almost always full". Clients must be working or willing to work full-time. 75% of clients' earned income is put away for future housing costs. Stephanie estimates that she refers 10 families/week to other shelters and service providers because Boynton Beach is full. There is 'no running file" of names on a waiting list. Families are asked to call back to check if spaces open up. Stephanie stated that 2-3-people/week call back more than twice and she highlights those names to the coordinator. The coordinator reviews the call logs at the end of each day and determines who will be called back. At this point, Stephanie felt uncomfortable about providing more information about the number of turn-aways, but did provide numbers for shelters for women and children.

Boynton Beach Family Shelter: Families, with children, who are able and willing to work. Must contribute 75 percent of income to savings plan to transition to permanent housing.

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