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Center for Group Counseling, Inc.

Center for Group Counseling, Inc.
22455 Boca Rio Road
Boca Raton, FL 33433-4708
Fax: 561-483-5325
Mission: Promotes emotional well-being for people of all ages through a variety of free and low cost mental health programs offering support, education and hope to all in need.
Scott N. Edgerton, Chief Executive Officer.
Karen Morton, Grants & Fund Raising Coordinator.
Dr. Holly Katz, Director.

The Center provides FREE mental health care to anyone and what makes the Center so unique in its approach to mental health, is that although assistance is provided through group sessions, each client receives and helps create an individual treatment; there is no time limit for treatment; and no one is turned away. Requested funds will be used to pay for training and supervision of service providers, development of referral sources and program supplies. We are requesting supporting for two of our programs that work together to support families: Targeting Family Communication and Children & Adolescents.

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