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JAM & All

JAM & All
May 20, 2007, Sunday Afternoon, 2:00 TO 5:00 PM
Family Pot Luck Picnic

JAM & All is a non-profit organization of Jews, Muslims, Christians and all people committed to creating peace and social harmony.
Remember to bring:
  1. Pot Luck Dish - something unique to your culture
  2. Folding chair(s)
  3. Blankets
  4. Basket Ball
  5. Roller Blades
  6. Vollyball or other Sporting Equipment
  7. Bikes
Please join us for Peace in the Park
as we gather in peaceful, joyous play & conversation with open hearts and open minds.

Hear from four high school exchange students from Afghanistan who will share their stories and answer questions.
Beverages, paper goods and utensils lovingly provided by JAM, Free Admission.
There is not one kind of tree,
or one kind of bird,
or flower, or religion.
Life loves diversity and so, too,
do the members of JAM.
Click to read story in the Sun-Sentinel about JAM.

Safiya Deen (954-600-6848) or Irma Sulaiman (561-251-5336)

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