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Inventory of Feeding Programs for the Homeless in PBC

This is a first attempt to identify all the agencies, churches, and service providers who feed homeless people in Palm Beach County. At present this list has redundancy and lacks important information about when and where meals are available and what sorts of homeless people they serve. If we can make this an accurate and complete list, it will be a big help for someone who wants to understand the supply side of our opportunities for feeding homeless in Palm Beach County. Please send corrections to Carl House and please include the complete URL from the address line of your browser. For those pages that should be eliminated because they are redundant or because the organization does not feed homeless people, please tell me. Also, please tell me about organizations that should be on the list and are not. Lots of the information is in the Continuum of Care document, but we have the ability to make this list more complete and more easily searched than the CoC document.

The first organizations on this list are proposed to receive ESG grants.
Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches, Inc. - $22,000
Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc. (AVDA) - $20,000
The Center for Family Services of PBC, Inc. - $10,000
Children's Case Management Organization, Inc. - $20,000
Children's Home Society of FL, S. Coastal Division - $20,000
The Children's Place at Home Safe, Inc. - $16,660
Boynton Beach Community Caring Center - $14,000
Faith-Hope-Love-Charity, Inc. - $25,000
Farmworker Coordinating Council of PBC, Inc. - $20,000
Florida Housing Corporation - $20,466
Florida Resource Center for Women & Children - $19,000
The Lord's Place, Inc. (Boynton Beach Shelter) - $20,000
The Lord's Place, Inc. (Café Joshua) - $20,000
Salvation Army - $25,000
Urban League of PBC, Inc. - $10,000
YWCA of PBC, Florida, Inc. - $20,540.
Boca Helping Hands, Inc.
Boynton Beach Community Caring Center
St. Ann's Place
St. George Center, Inc.
CROS Caring Kitchen
CROS Community Food Pantries
Soup Kitchen at Caridad (Boynton Beach)

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