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Place of Hope

Place of Hope ; Programs.Name: ; FirstName: Charles L. ; LastName: Bender III ; Title: Executive Director ; StreetAddr: 9078 Isaiah Lane ; City: Palm Beach Gardens ; Zip: 33418 ; Phone: 561.775.7195 ; Phone: 877.694.HOPE (toll free) ; Fax: 561.775.1758 ; FundingGroup.Name: ; Text40: ; Website: Place of Hope website

Place of Hope is a non-profit community organization and a unique faith-based, state-licensed child welfare organization providing family-style residential care with hope and healing opportunities for children who have been abused and neglected throughout the local community.

Place of Hope has both met and exceeded most performance standards by which all foster care facilities are judged. Its 10-acre gated campus is located in western Palm Beach Gardens off Northlake Boulevard. The campus is named for Mr. and Mrs. Bud Paxson, who contributed the seed money to buy the land.

Place of Hope is unique because it is one of the largest facilities in the state of Florida and in Palm Beach County with the “family cottages” campus matrix, which is considered a national model for foster care. Individual "cottages" care for six foster children each. Children and teens live in newly constructed homes with full-time cottage parents. This creates the basis for a consistent level of care proven successful because it so closely emulates family life. For example, children and cottage parents operate as a family for grocery shopping, school assistance, eating meals, and so on.

Place of Hope is also one of the few facilities in the state well-equipped to take sibling groups. This is important because the foster child population nationwide is comprised mostly of sibling groups (more than half). Siblings often have to be separated when taken into foster care, only furthering their trauma. The majority of the children at Place of Hope at any given time are sibling groups.

Through its model approach and community commitment, Place of Hope’s staff, foster parents, volunteers, and supporters are dedicated to providing a stable, loving and nurturing living and learning environment for foster children in state custody and under supervision of the Florida Department of Children & Families.

As a community-based organization, we rely on the support and generosity of caring individuals, families, businesses, and foundations throughout Palm Beach County and elsewhere. Thank you for joining our unique mission!

FACTS (as of June 12, 2006)

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