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Religions for Ethics and Change

Program REACH, Pat Reeves Village 1320 Henrietta Avenue West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561-514-0564 8/17/06, Raymond

Program REACH provides various services, including rental assistance and family shelter. The 30-day shelter is for families with minor children. Clients must be employed. Families are housed in 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units. There are a total of 8 units, which are "constantly" occupied. Raymond described Program REACH as a "desirable" shelter. He estimates there are 20-25 names on file this month waiting to hear about an opening. He believed 5-10 of those names would qualify for housing. He receives about 70 calls/day requesting emergency assistance and shelter, 30-40 of those calls requesting shelter. He recommends that clients "put their name on file" and be willing to call back to check for openings. When space opens up, clients are called in order of first come, first serve, from the record file.

Program REACH at Pat Reeves Village: Homeless families with children. Adults must have worked in the past three months or be receiving money for a disability.

Rock Garden Apartments: 561-845-0515, Emergency assistance including food, hygiene kits, transportation, clothing, and case management. Linkage to other agencies to foster self-sufficiency. Program is for homeless adults over 18 without children. Not for individuals with chronic physical, chronic mental disabilities or active drug abusers.

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