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Salvation Army NorthWest Community Center

The Northwest Community Center opened in April of 2000 with a collaborative effort between the City of West Palm Beach and The Salvation Army. The Northwest Community Center located on Rosemary Avenue, was developed to serve the residents of West Palm Beach by offering recreational, educational, social and community development activities for the uplifting and improvement of the overall quality of life.

600 N. Rosemary Ave. , West Palm Beach
Michael Pinkney, Director
after school care K-5, basketball leagues, aerobics, music instruction, computer room, entertainment room (TV), weight room, gymnasium, serves about 300 kids, 833-6767

For more information, see these documents (can we link to these documents on a Salvation Army website ?):
/uss/www_uss_westpalmbeach.nsf/vw-search/A8B311820D46FF288025734400758B59?opendocument (Northwest Community Center)
/uss/www_uss_westpalmbeach.nsf/vw-search/65A6279833E698EB852574A2006B2D28?opendocument (Information on LOCAL summer camp programs )

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