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"Share" program provides discounts on food

Suzanne Cabrerra said the "Share" program is a particularly good program for a church to operate because it can be done on their premises, requires no capital investment, and is a particularly good deal for those who are helped by it. It is a program made possible by the federal government who makes surplus foods available at much reduced cost.

Irene Allbright of First United Methodist Church of Boca Raton. described their use of the "Share" program as follows.

The program is operated in Florida from a location in Tampa.

Their program started in Oct 1994, at that time orders went to Episcopal Church in WPB and then to Tampa. In Feb. 1995 they were on their own for dealing with Tampa. Host sites send their orders to Tampa. Tampa sends food to distribution sites. Nearby distribution sites are in WPB and Pembroke Pines. 50 people are enrolled at First United Methodist Church (off and on). Distribution day is once per month, and there are 3 opportunities to register. $18 is cost for a basic package of food, including vegatables, frozen meat, and grocery items. It is said to be half of market value. There are usually other packages as well, say steak or produce. A family can buy multiple basic packages, anything or as much as they want.

To take part in the program, the person who enrolls must do 2 hours of community service monthly, The next distribution day is Saturday Feb 25; trucks will leave at 7:30 for WPB and will get back 9:00 or 9:30 am. Volunteers arrive about 10:00 to bag the vegatables and fruits. This month this will happen in the 2 story building at rear of the church property. People benefitting from the program may pick up their food between 11:00 and 1:00.

Click here to read about how this program helps people in St. Petersburg..

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