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Saint Laurence Chapel

Saint Laurence Chapel provides help and hope for the hungry and homeless in Broward County. It was conceived in 1988 through the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. It has financial support from 10 foundations, 25 secular groups and businesses, an annual Broward County funding grant, and many individual donations. Saint Laurence Chapel averages in excess of 2,000 volunteer hours monthly and collaborates with numerous other agencies to provide a plethora of complimentary services on site. (1698 Blount Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, 954-972-2958 Fax: 954-972-2448, St Laurence Chapel website).

Carl visited on August 7, 2006, wondering if it could be a day center for a Family Promise network. The answer is no because they don't serve families. When a family comes to St. Laurence, the staff scurrys to find them a place that can help families because there is no screening of adults at St. Laurence. The rule is that if there is a child on the premises, it must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

Tim Cresswell gave a tour of Broward facilities for the homeless, especially Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Inc. (called "the hac", on Sunrise at 920 N.W. 7th Ave., Ft. Laud., 33311, Berne Teeple, Director of Development, 954-832-7037, said they have 200 beds of which 40 serve 8 families, 100 serve adult men, and 60 serve adult women.

Tim said that St. Laurence Chapel has a very nice new air conditioned van that picks people up at 3 locations early in the morning and returns them to the same locations in the afternoon. They get breakfast and lunch and a chance for a shower and to visit a counselor if desired each day. I think this occurs seven days a week. He said they are not so busy early in the month because many people will have received a check, but they get very busy late in the month when people's checks have been spent. He said St. Laurence is pleasant, but 30 minutes is a bit rushed for a meal, especially if you aren't in the front of the line.

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