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The Haiti Project

St. Gregory's has a companion church in Haiti, St. Marie Madelein. Here are the 2006 Goals for the Haiti Project

  1. Visit Haiti in the first quarter and establish a local work plan for the clean water project and church/school construction on the church owned land at St Marie Madeleine.
  2. Start the multi-vitamin program using a Haiti source for the vitamins.
  3. Expand our participation within St Gregory's through regular written and audiovisual reports to the entire congregation.
  4. Leverage our efforts by adding an additional Parish to our participants and partnering with organizations like Food for the Poor.
  5. Bring Father Lazard to the USA for a joint planning session with St Gregory's and the Milwaukee Dioceses representatives.
  6. Establish a funding plan for the construction project.
  7. Start construction in 2006.
  8. Take a youth group to Bondeau this summer to conduct a Bible school program for the children of St Marie Madeleine.
  9. Implement a plan to modify the 2006 Pledge Envelopes to include a regular reminder and method to encourage Outreach giving thru the Church budget.

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