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TLHS History, Principles & Program


History: Founded in 2001 by Major Joe Bernadel and Dr. Diane Allerdyce, TLHS is a publicly funded charter school in Delray Beach. The school was the offspring of the Center for Education, Training and Holistic Approaches, a non-profit organization offering programs to people of all walks of life, for the purposes of promoting social justice in our community and increasing the social/economic parity of the people of South Florida. The name of the great Haitian liberator was chosen to honor the significant contributions of the Haitian people as well as to promote social equality in our community.

Mission: To provide motivated students of diverse ability levels a unique secondary school experience using arts as a vehicle for social justice and individual change. Our vision is to help youth acquire the skills they need to be successful in college and/or work and to have voice in cocreating a world they can believe in.

Arts and Social Justice: arts-based education not only brings students together, transcending our diverse student population, but it also targets multiple intelligences and accesses diverse learning styles. Arts-infused educational initiatives are used as vehicles for socail change and individual growth; using the arts for social justice teaches students responsibility to their community and commitment to society. Arts are employed as apart of the core curriculum, and they are studied for their intrinsic value as well as in their relationship to other school subjects. The arts enliven school culture and engage the wider community in the life and learning of the school.

Projects: Among the most exciting projects in which students, their families and the community may choose to become involved is the creation of an on-site museum or gallery at the school. This enhancement will further the mission of the school by providing a way to acquire, preserve, research, display and interpret the art, history, and culture of the immigrant in the international community, focusing on South Florida. In addition, the museum will enhance the school’s theme of social justice through the arts by providing a cultural resource for families of immigrants to the US, promoting cultural pride within various ethnic-American communities, and educating the general public with regard to the varied ethnic presences in our area and their contributions to the U.S. and the world community. Both our principals and our school counselor are certified national trainers for the Anti-Defamation League’s World of Difference programs.

TLHS Pledge:
We, as members of the Toussaint L’Ouverture High School for Arts and Social Justice School Community pledge:
To respect each other, not to pre-judge others for any reason, and to be accountable for our actions.
To promote tolerance and acceptance in our society
To be open minded
To work together to promote diversity and to “Be the change we want to see in the world.”

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