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Westgate Tabernacle

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Westgate Tabernacle
Westgate Tabernacle

Sunday School 10 am
Sunday Worship 10:45 am

Westgate Tabernacle Church was founded by Rev. Flora Belle Haidt and her Husband Rev. Donald Haidt in 1929. The Church has had people sleeping on the floor since it opened 87 years ago.

Westgate Tabernacle Co, Rev Avis Hill, Pastor
1700 Suwanee Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33409-5042

Westgate Tabernacle 1722 Suwanee Dr. West Palm Beach, FL 561-471-9309 8/21/06, Stephen

Stephen made clear that Westgate is a "religious ministry" first and "not funded by any government [agency], local, federal or state." Men sleep on the church floor. Women and children sleep in the sanctuary area. Currently they house 135-150 people a night, 30 of whom are children; the youngest child being 3 months old. Currently they are sheltering 7 families with children. 160 meals are served daily. The church is "always full" and people are not turned away. Stephen said that "people are sleeping on top of people".

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