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The Beloved Community Group of Wiser Earth

This describes an on-line group forum called "Beloved Community".

Google groups and Yahoo groups have lots of potential for linking people with shared interests. But we can do that and have the benefit of being wrapped up with a large community of like minded people at Wiser Earth . It's really fun to browse down their list of "groups" (upper left corner, click on "Browse" "Groups"). We now have a group at their website called "Beloved Community" which you are welcome to join. You must first join the "Wiser Earth". Here's the text we wrote to describe who we are:

"We are based in Palm Beach County, FL. Our community is first Palm Beach County and in ever widening circles the planet. We care particularly about homelessness, interfaith involvement, working for rational public policy, the protection and empowerment of women throughout the world, and community development. We show up under several names, including SaveDarfurSPB., Network of Spiritual Progressives of Palm Beach County, Family Promise, Developing Interracial Social Change, and we are active with many faith communities on matters of social justice. You can learn more about us at"

The Wiser Earth network has 18,000 members all of whom have been given this list to identify their areas of interest. It is quite a wonderful list.

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